T-22/C Scimitar Medium Grav Tank 

Anti-missile system
FLIR based optics
Auto Control
Charged Composite Armor
Gen 6 DX REactive Armor System

75mm “Rail Gun” Kinetic Energy Cannon
14mm Minigun
7.62mm MG

E-13 Stellar Explorer

This is s Armed Explorer Spacecraft, used for Deep Space Exploration, when hostile forces may be present. She is Armed with four super heavy cannons, and a number of smaller offensive and defensive weapons – in addition to a launch bay with many smaller launches. The ship is nuclear powered and can reach speeds in excess of .5 C.


Size: 28 tons 8m x 3m x 4m
Speed: 100Kph (60Mph)
Crew : 3 (+12 Pass)
Armor: AMAP Composite
Engine: 2 x SYH-34 ELEC 850 kW(1140 hp)
Armament: TGS UMAXT-2 Mount for Optional Weapons:
60mm Task 4 AGL
M2HBe7 12.7mm HMG
20mm DP-KN4 Turret

T-6 “Magellan” Armed Transport

This is a Multi-Aspect Spacecraft, that fills the roles of a Armed Escort Ship, Deep Space Transport, Military Troop Carrier. The ship is based on a modular design, which allows for mission related modification of ship elements – including weapon, engine, sensor, and cargo upgrades.

Research and Development

We currently have about twenty products under development.  These range from 3D printed Sci-fi miniatures like 6mm armored vehicles to 1:10000 scale starship models. You can preview some of our models in the gallery below.


Samples of our 3D Printed Models